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RECI CO2 Glass Laser Tubes W6 150W

  • $1,300.00
  • Save $700


    • Faster cutting and engraving of materials
    • Deeper and cleaner cuts
    • Better beam quality for more crisp cutting or engraving
    • Up to 10,000 hour life span
    • High power and high stability
    • Water cooled for best performance
    We have partnered with RECI to become a member of the RECI Global Distributorship Network. Authentic laser tubes in original factory package. RECI is the manufacture of one of the most stable CO2 laser tubes. The tubes have a 10-month warranty*.

    Model Quality Standard Length Diameter Hours Warranty

    W2 90W - 100W 49.2" 3.15" 10,000h 10 months since manufactured

    W4 100W - 130W 55" 3.15" 10,000h 10 months since manufactured

    W6 130W - 160W 65" 3.15" 10,000h 10 months since manufactured

    Full List of Specifications (PDF)


    RECI Laser Tube from Rose Graphix BesCutter

    Ready to get more from your laser work? We have partnered with RECI to bring you the RECI laser tube that will enhance your operations. Tubes from RECI are considered among the best for Co2 cutting. They are durable and offer the enhanced functions that improve your production. When you choose a RECI tube from Rose Graphix BesCutter you are choosing the tube that cuts deeper, cuts cleaner, that is highly stable, water cooled for best performance and that offers up to 10,000 hours of uninterrupted service. Get yours today!

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