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Common Problem

1. Why choose BesJet?

BesJet is the leading brand of uv flatbed printers in Florida. We have more than eight years of experience in this industry and we have a reputation for quality and reputation throughout the UV printing equipment industry.

With a factory of our own, we also have unique advantages in quality management and equipment development. As we always say, we provide excellent machine with better price-performance ratio.


2. What BesJet UV printers can do for you?

BesJet UV Flatbed printing machine has a very strong applicability and can be used to direct print onto a wide variety of materials. BesJet uv flatbed printer is suitable for strip fabric, PVC cloth, white canvas, canvas; light box cloth, light box, pearl cloth, soft film; stainless steel, wood board, lacquer board; aluminum alloy profile, aluminum alloy paint panel; 3D grating plate; Leather; PVC, PC, PET, PE, ABS sheet; corrugated board, hollow board, KT board, Chevron board; glass, tile, marble; acrylic sheet; aluminum composite board, polyurethane board and other media.


3. How to choose a right UV printer?

Several factors should be considered:

①The materials you need to print (flat or flexible). This determine flatbed or hybrid printer is suitable;

②The size of printing material corresponds to the print size of the printer.

③Considering the print resolution and speed. Ricoh print head is enough;


4. How to get a proofing sample?

Contact us in advanced, send the material to be printed to us, explain the printing effect needed if necessary. We will send it back after we have received and printed it.


5. What Support Does BesJet Provide?

Yes, we provide comprehensive after-sales service support, including:

①Warranty: one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.

②Free operator training: A full range of operational skills training.

③Workshop venue construction: planning and design.

④Technical support: 24h×7d telephone, online video technical support.