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  • BesJet is a trusted knowledgeable company. We were in Wisconsin, and we were worried about the service, but now it is no longer. It is a very sturdy machine that is easy to operate. In addition, the service personnel come from the factory, machine manufacturing, and very detailed details. Great company! Let's take a look at any new equipment we need. Thank you! -Dan from Wisconsin
  • We used BesJet's UV printer and were very satisfied with the results. We mainly print on wood that the printer is good at and it is corrosive. After we received the printer, BesJet's team flew to Houston and spent a few days setting up and training how we operated the machine - it was very user friendly and well integrated with the agate software. We hired a color expert to adjust the agate's color management profile to meet the printer's color and the artist's needs. I would recommend this printer and company to everyone. -Charles from Texas
  • Amazing printing effect. Great support! This BesJet UV flatbed printer is an amazing addition to our business. It broke through our production time and achieved leapfrog development. The staff was very helpful in any small problems we encountered. It’s great to come out and train us with UV flatbed printers. Overall, we are very satisfied with the units and staff of BesJet. -Travis from California
  • Although I was initially cautious about buying a machine I couldn't hear, Eric (my sales representative) showed me and my staff a lot at SGIA. After I saw that it was very simple to use and the quality was comparable to other more expensive brands, we purchased the live BesJet uv flatbed printer. We are ready, and there has been no problem so far. We figured out that it has been making money since then. Now, as long as we need it, we can use it at any time. Totally recommended... If the demand remains the same, consider finding another one. -Travis from Oklahoma
  • I can't imagine what to do without their UV flatbed printer. The locals are very helpful and the team from BesJet is very sensitive when it comes to solving any problems I have. -Mark from Florida
  • We highly recommend BesJet. We are 2 sisters who don't know anything about our UV printer tablet, but BesJet has been there to help us.-Danielle & Michelle from Texas
  • I just purchased a BesJet from a 10'x6.5' UV flatbed printer. Service and communication are great. The training is also very good. If all goes well, then I will buy more equipment from them.-Chris from Florida
  • My laser is up n running thanks for being so patient n supported.-Katrina from Geogia