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CO2 Galvo Laser Marking Machine 30W/60W with Synrad Metal Tube

  • $12,000.00
  • Save $2,000

  • Main Features

    • USA made SynRad Metal RF Tube
    • Flexibility and Versatility packed in small foot-print and light-weight body
    • High Precision and Unparalleled Speed compared to a gantry laser system
    • Applications: acrylics, plastics, wood, glass, ceramics, paper, leathers, stone and more
    • Two Red Dots for easy focal length adjustment
    • Visible Red Laser for part alignment and pre-mark preview
    • Foot Petal included for production job runs
    • FREE Laptop and operation software
    • FREE one laser protection goggle
    • No moving parts, no consumables, maintenance free
    • One year warranty on all parts and remote service

    Technology Specifications

    Laser Generator: 30W/60W SynRad USA Metal RF Tube
    Laser Source Life Time: 20,000 + hours
    Standard Working Area: 7” x 7” (175 mm × 175 mm)
    Marking Depth: 0.01~0.3 mm
    Marking Speed: 7000 mm/s
    Laser Wavelength: 10.64 um
    Minimum Line Width: 0.015 mm 
    Power Supply: 110V / 60Hz
    Cooling: Air-cooled, no extra cooling needed


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