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Bescutter Versa 63"x36" CO2 Laser Cutter 260 W---Free Shipping All Accessories Included

  • $19,000.00

  • Technology Specifications

    • Working area: 63" x 36" or 1600 mm x 900 mm
    • Laser: ECO2 dual combined laser system, one glass tube can be switched off for better engraving/ 10.6 um wavelength
    • Laser wattage: 260-300 W
    • Auxiliary equipment: Exhaust fan, air exhaust pipe, industrial water chiller
      • CW 6000 refrigerated water chiller included for 260 W model
    • NEW! Include both honeycomb AND knife-blade work table
    • NEW! Automatic up-and-down work table with up to 15" clearance to accommodate rotary attachment and tall objects
    • NEW! Three-in-one combiner block integrate red-beam, first mirror and beam combiner for easy beam alignment and quick diagnostic of optics issues

    Full List of Specifications (PDF)

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